Privacy and protection of data privacy

We know how to value your confidence very much

The protection of your data, your personal rights as well as the attention of your right to the informational self-determination is therefore an important concern for us at the elevation, processing and use of your personal data. Our data protection practice is in the harmony with the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG) as well as the Tele-Service Data Protection Act (TDDSG).

Elevation and use of your data

To be able to work on in the best way possible your order the data necessary for the commercial winding up are stored with us and are transmitted to the enterprises commissioned with the delivery. Should you lose your documents turn please to our customer service. We send a copy of your order to you with pleasure. The passing on of your personal data to unjustified third beyond the enterprise most-Arbeitsschutz is basically excluded. For the purpose of the credit investigation we maintain a data exchange with other service enterprises as for example credit investigation societies. Besides their protective-worthy interests are considered by us and are protected. In addition you can give to us actively a differentiated permission be sent to you every now and then particularly on you co-ordinated product information and advertisement by the company most-Arbeitsschutz to your address data given with the order by mail and/or by e-mail under protection of your protective-worthy interests. You find the possibility for the permission granting among other things on the homepage of our web presence (newsletter).

Confidence gratitude of high security standards

Database servers and web servers are operated separated. The connection set-up of the web server to the database server is realized by VPN (Virtual Private Network). Transmitted data in addition are encoded to the database server (and reversed). This makes the assignment very sure, however, has an effect on the load times of the shop sides from time to time (therefore we ask for understanding if sometimes the load times are a little high).

Use of cookies

Cookies are alphanumeric identification signs which we transmit by means of your web browser on the hard disk of your computer. Many events in the e-commerce aren't practicable without this technique. So e. g. the virtual shopping basket is made come true in general with cookies at the online shopping. In the most-Arbeitsschutz - shop becomes sedately a durable cookie to save the contents of your shopping basket for the duration of the purchase for certain. A durable cookie is put down as a file on your computer and remains there if you close the browser. The cookie can be read again at the next visit of the web site. No products can be given into the shopping basket without this durable cookie through which shopping at most-Arbeitsschutz gets impossible. Please note that the cookie put by most-Arbeitsschutz is relevant exclusively for the receipt of the shopping basket. Furthermore outgoing information aren't saved by us. You can remove the cookie any time about your browser under the corresponding attitudes (delete the temporary internet files delete) from the hard disk of your computer. Additional becomes your shopping basket cached by session on our web server temporarily. The session is valid for currently 60 min. After that corresponding files are deleted.

Insight into your personal data

You can your own data any time look at, change or delete in the area of "registraton or my account" using your e-mail-address and your password. If you have forgotten once your password, we offer you a special service: In the area of "registration" you find the link "password forgotten?" on the log-in side, which leads you to the password help. Please simply type your e-mai-address known to us in and mail the form. We send you a substitute password to your e-mail-address. This procedure is without risk even if a third person tries to attain access to your data. Because: The consignment is carried out in every case to your e-mail-address to which only you have access.

Your information right

You are authorized to require some written information free of charge about it which person-related data most-Arbeitsschutz has saved over you. We will immediately carry out the information granting's possible necessary corrections, inhibitions or deletions provided that allowed legally after. Please for questions on the protection of data privacy topic write to us over our contact form.